About CLIC

Saunders Research Building, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

The Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration, housed at the University of Rochester, is the coordinating center for the Clinical and Translational Science Award Program, which supports a network of more than 50 of the nation’s top biomedical research institutions. 
The purpose of the CTSA Program is to get medical and population health interventions to patients and populations more quickly. No single institution can achieve this on its own. To prevent reinventing the wheel, the CLIC provides ways for CTSA Hub researchers to easily access and leverage each other’s resources, tools, knowledge, and expertise.  

The CLIC provides:

  • Data coordination services to collect, analyze, and transform CTSA Program data into actionable insights that accelerate patient impacts.

  • A dynamic ecosystem that supports collaboration and team science across the CTSA Program community.

  • Communications to support internal CTSA Program activities and to make the progress and impact of translational science visible to internal and external stakeholders.

CLIC has assumed the role of Tufts University to implement the Common Metrics Initiative and builds upon the foundation laid by Vanderbilt University’s CTSA Consortium Coordinating Center (C4). CLIC strives to support the goals of the CTSA Program and to be a central resource for researchers across the network of CTSA Hubs. 

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