Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create accounts for other people at my hub?

This is not recommended. To create an account, you would need access to another person’s university credentials, Google or LinkedIn email and password. For security reasons, it is not good to share passwords. Please encourage others on your team to create their own account. The New Member Guide is a great page to share because it has a simple getting started list and a step by step guide to logging in.

If my institution isn’t federated, how can I log in to the CLIC website?

If your institution isn’t federated, you can create an account with your Google or LinkedIn account.

Is there an advantage to using a federated login?

Federated logins use your university credentials to authenticate. It will pull over information such as your name and university email address. It can also be easier for others to validate an account is yours when your university email address is listed. Other than that, the accounts work the same.

Why is my organization not listed in the federated list?

If your orgnization is new to working with CLIC, it is possible we haven’t added it to our list yet. However, most likely your institution is not federated.


Can my Administrator register for the EC/WG pages?

Yes, however we would ask that both you and your Administrator complete the registration and EC/WG subscription process. S/he would need to choose their appropriate Membership Type on the Requesting Membership page.

How can I save something on the website to easily find later?

Look for the  ☆ Save  link on the page. It is typically near the bottom. To see everything you’ve saved, visit your Account page. On the righthand side, in the Account Functions menu, select “View Bookmarks”.

How do I contact CLIC?

You can use either the contact form. Both methods connect to our Help Desk. We will connect you with the best person for your inquiry.

How do I edit my CLIC account information?

After logging in, visit your Account page. There should be a tab at the top labeled “Edit”. After making your changes, select “Save” at the bottom of the page. To view your changes, please use the “View” tab at the top of the page.

How do I find content I added to the website?

To find any content you’ve submitted to the CLIC website such as news, events, opportunities, educational content, RFAs or resources, please log in and then go to your Account page. Look for the “Authored Content” tab at the top of the page. Still don’t see what you are looking for?

Hub Management

How do I remove/update a Representative from my Hub?

Only Page Administrators have permission to update and remove Representatives from their hub’s page. Page administrators can edit representatives by selecting “Edit” directly above the hub name.

Why isn’t my hub listed in the Hub Directory?

NCATS gave CLIC specific instructions on how we are allowed to pull the data for the hub directory. Funding data for the Current Fiscal Year is derived from NIH RePORTER as NCATS makes awards through the fiscal year. The information is updated quarterly. The entire year’s funding data is not complete until all fiscal year awards are finalized; some time at the end of the year. This means that even if a university has been awarded a grant from 2018-2022, funding data for 2020 may not be available until November 2020 in NIH Reporter and data for 2021 and 2022 may not be available until the close of their respective years. We do realize that this causes the current year’s data to be incomplete until the end of the year. Additional information can be found on the hub directory page.

How do I remove a Member from my Hub?

Page Administrators can contact CLIC to notify us if members have left their organization and need to be removed from the hub’s member tab. However, if the user has changed positions within the hub and may still want access to the account, it will remain open.

A member of my Hub has more than one account. Is there any way they can be combined?

Yes. The owner of the accounts can contact CLIC and request for the two accounts to be merged.