New Hub Guide


We are delighted to have your hub on board as a CTSA Program institution. One of the objectives of the program is to promote collaboration and communication to address translational challenges that no one team can overcome in isolation. We hope our role as the program’s coordinating center will help encourage that.

Below is a list of actions that will help you become familiarized with our site and the resources available to your hub through CLIC. A PDF copy of our On-Boarding document can be requested. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to us.


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Martin Zand & Deborah Ossip, CLIC co-directors



Getting Started List:

  • Learn about CLIC and what services we provide
  • Meet the CLIC team
  • Email CLIC and let us know who your PI, Admin and Communications lead are
    • Your Admin will be given access to fill out your hub listing page where you can identify other lead contacts
  • Learn about the Common Metrics Initiative and begin exploring how to implement the metrics at your hub
  • Discover resources available to your hub, such as funding and collaboration opportunities and survey support
  • Encourage your hub members to get started by creating their personal accounts on the CLIC site 
  • Discover the 5 Domain Tasks Forces and begin selecting representatives from your institution on the form listed below
  • Look into Additional Groups and identify representatives from your institution for relevant groups on the form listed below
  • Learn about other hubs and their representatives 
  • Have your Admin (or delegated person) share your respresentatives by filling out your hub listing
  • Share news, events, trainings and opportunities for your hub and center (Please note, you need to be logged into to share your content)
  • Encourage your team to join the monthly CTSA Program webinar
  • Stay up to date by subscribing to newsletters:
    • CTSA Ansible – once monthly newsletter with high-level program updates
    • CLIC News Roundup – bi-monthly newsletter focused on news
    • NCATS E-Newsletter – a monthly issue about the Center’s latest research news, announcements, funding opportunities, program accomplishments and events
  • Connect with us on social media:
    • Both NCATS and CLIC have Twitter handles – follow for the latest CTSA Program updates.
    • Check out what is happening in the consortium on the CTSA Program list on Twitter
  • Use the Suggestion Box to suggest topics of interest for discussion at PI Meetings, Steering Committee Meetings, CTSA Program Meetings, or Consortium Activities.


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