How to Join a Group & Identify EC Voting Members

To join a CTSA Program Group, log into the CLIC website. If you are unsure of what type of group you would like to join, visit the About CTSA Program Groups page to learn about the different types. Select the type of group you would like to join. Browse the list of active groups. Select the group name. For Consortium Groups, use the contact email listed to ask about membership. For Enterprise Committees and Working Groups, look for the Request to Join link under the group title. For Discussion Forums, select the forum you would like to join and then follow the steps to log into the NCATS Google Suite.


The different types of CTSA Program Groups have different objectives as well as different membership requirements. Each CTSA Program hub is allowed to have one voting representative on the Enterprise Committee. This member is appointed by the hub PI and is the primary point of contact for their hub for all matters relating to their specific Enterprise Committee.

Value to Hubs

Hubs can engage with the consortium by having representatives from key topic areas participate in the CTSA Program Groups.

Additional Resources

For more information on CTSA Program Groups, please review that Guidance For CTSA Program Groups.

Discussion Forums are hosted on NCATS Google Suite and require a separate log in and registration. For more information, visit the Discussion Forums page.

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