Bridging the Gap Between Research, Policy and Practice

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There is growing consensus that the translation of clinical research discoveries into care delivery is inefficient. One roadblock limiting widespread adoption of evidence-based practices is the cultural discrepancy between academic research and large public health systems—academic institutions traditionally focus on new discoveries, often in controlled settings, while governmental agencies implement policies and services in real-world settings. CTSAs are uniquely positioned to bridge this gap and contribute to improvements in care delivery and public health. They have the presence and influence to identify local health priorities, as well as the resources and expertise to catalyze research in those areas. Five hubs in particular are partnering with city and county health organizations to drive innovations in clinical care and population health in two urban cities, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The proposed paper will describe an academic-public partnership model—the initiation, components, preliminary results, lessons learned, and future directions—as an innovative solution that, if adopted by other hubs in the CTSA consortium, can benefit population health and care delivery on a national scale

CLIC Request for Application Number: 2018002
Award Period: January 2, 2019–December 31, 2019

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