Exploring the Underutilization of CTSA Program Services

Data from some CTSAs document a large percentage of investigators using services from only one program rather than using services across two or more programs. The authors of this work believe that even among CTSAs where investigators use services from more than one program, there still may be underutilization, and that this preliminary work will encourage CTSAs to explore the underutilization of their program services, and to implement proposed solutions.

The primary goal of the Exploratory Study of the Underutilization of CTSA Program Services is to discover some of the impediments to using multiple program services within a CTSA and possible solutions to those impediments. Four hubs is admittedly too small a number to test hypotheses. However, the four CSTAsspan the three sizes of hubs and serve as an adequate number to begin understanding the factors that contribute to program underutilization. In addition, the small working group more likely to be able to reach consensus on definitions of key terms needed to standardize the analysis.

CLIC Request for Application Number: 2019002
Award Period: August 1, 2019–July 31, 2020

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