2016 Common Metrics Hub Survey Report Feedback


The Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC) distributed the first Common Metrics Hub Reports on August 24, 2018 based on the 2016 data for the 3 metrics: Median IRB Review Duration, Pilot Funding Publications, and Careers in Clinical and Translational Research. Reports to the hubs included hub-specific data relative to de-identified data for the consortium as a whole for each metric. A completely de-identified report was sent to NCATS with data on metrics consortium-wide.
Subsequent to the release of the reports, the CLIC developed and sent a survey to each of the hubs. The survey was designed to solicit feedback regarding the usefulness of each of the report sections and to obtain suggestions for improving future reports. The survey was released to hubs on September 7, 2018. Data was collected through the end of business on September 27, 2018.
Surveys were sent, via email, to individuals at each hub who received the Common Metrics Hub Report (principal investigators, administrators and evaluators). Those receiving the survey were instructed that they they did not need to coordinate their survey responses as there was no limit to the number of surveys that could be submitted by each hub.
A total of 95 surveys were received from 60 unique hubs. This report summarizes both quantitative and qualitative results found during analysis. A qualitative review of the comments in each open ended section was conducted. Comments were categorized into major themes. A summary of all responses is detailed below.

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Common Metrics
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2016 Common Metrics Hub Survey
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