2019 Lifespan DTF Meeting Evaluation - Executive Summary


On Saturday, April 27, 2019 the Lifespan Integration Domain Task Force Face to Face Meeting was held in Baltimore, MD. The meeting took place from 8:00 – 10:15 AM at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor. The meeting was offered both in person, and via Zoom. A brief evaluation survey was sent electronically via REDCap following the meeting to 12 attendees. The survey was composed of both quantitative and qualitative questions pertaining to the 3 subsections of the meeting: Meeting Content, Meeting Logistics and the Meeting Overall. A total of 6 responses were cultivated from the survey for a response rate of 50%.

With regard to meeting content, all survey respondents agreed that the meeting addressed their expectations, the topics discussed were valuable and that the discussions provided valuable information for their work. However, only 5 out 6 respondents agreed that there was adequate networking time allotted and that they understood the next steps for moving the DTF forward in 2019.

Survey results pertaining to meeting logistics showed that all survey respondents were satisfied with the registration process, the location of the meeting and the meeting facilities. Also, 2 of the 6 respondents who attended the meeting via Zoom, both indicated that they were satisfied with their experience regarding Zoom quality.

Overall, the meeting received an average rating of 8.67 out of 10, and the median rating was a 9 out of 10. Qualitative data reflect that the most helpful aspects of the meeting were open discussion and identification of actions and priorities. With regard to improving the meeting, survey participants suggest distributing meeting materials prior to the meeting for attendees to prepare comments for discussion. Survey participants also suggest coupling this meeting with a conference/event different from the traditional Pediatrics Conference. Suggestions included the ACTS meeting and the Gerontological meeting as well.

Looking forward, survey respondents suggested topics for future discussion including the continuation of the Lifespan/Life Course group, brainstorming smaller projects for CTSA hubs to work on together, and strategies to obtain targeted funding for projects and meetings.

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Domain Task Force
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2019 Lifespan DTF Face to Face Meeting Evaluation
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