Hub CMI Multi-Year Data Report Survey Results


The Common Metrics Initiative (CMI) Multi-Year Report was released by the Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC) to hub-specific web pages on the CLIC website on February 28, 2019. Hubs were required to use a federated log in to access their individual reports. Of note, the previous hub report was sent via email.

The CMI Multi-Year Report included visualizations for Longitudinal and Year-to-Year Comparison data for each of the common metrics (Median IRB Review Duration, Pilot Funding Publications and Subsequent Funding, and Careers in Clinical and Translational Research – both TL1 and KL2) and the hub’s 2016 TTC plan. It also included: Featured Hub TTC Plans for each metric; suggestions for how hubs might use the report data; a description of the data cleaning process; the methodology used to generate the report; and the hub’s 2017 TTC plan. PowerPoint slides for each of the metric visualizations were provided to the hubs.

The Multi-Year Common Metrics Feedback Survey was sent on March 26, 2019 via email, to the principal investigators, evaluators and administrators at each hub throughout the consortium. Those receiving the survey were instructed that there was no limit to the number of surveys that their hubs could submit. The survey was closed on April 10, 2019 at midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

A total of 50 surveys were received from 44 unique hubs. This report includes the quantitative and qualitative results in their entirety.

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Common Metrics
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Hub CMI Multi-Year Data Report Survey
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