2022 CTSA Program In-Person iEC Spring Meeting Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose: In this ever-changing environment of information, this frequently asked questions (FAQ) page has been developed in anticipation of questions regarding our upcoming 2022 CTSA Program In-Person iEC Spring Meeting. To assist you more quickly, we have compiled a few FAQs that you may find helpful to start. This page will be updated, as necessary, throughout the registration process and up to the day of the meeting.


What is the scheduled date of the Informatics Enterprise Committee Meeting?

Friday, March 25, 2022 between 9am and 2:30pm ET.

Will the meeting be available for virtual participation?

Yes, attendees can participate virtually as well as in person.

Note: Virtual participation will be limited to hearing presentations and discussions within the main sessions. Virtual participation will be limited to Zoom’s Chat feature only.

Is it necessary to register in advance, if planning to participate virtually?


Will there be any networking opportunities built into the agenda?

Networking is always a goal of CTSA Program meetings. The current iEC Agenda draft has built some networking time into the schedule.

Do you anticipate any pre-meeting reading materials to be distributed?

It is possible, but not definite yet.


Is there a room block for this meeting?

There is no room block set up for the iEC Spring Meeting.

I plan to attend the AMIA Summit over the dates of March 22 – 24, 2022 at the same hotel. How do I handle my hotel stay?

Please extend your hotel stay for the AMIA Summit to include the night of Thursday, March 24th.

I do not plan to attend the AMIA Summit prior to the iEC Meeting. How do I make my hotel reservation?

You can visit the Swissotel Chicago hotel website.


When does registration open?

Wednesday, January 19th.

Is there a limit to how many people from a given Hub can attend the iEC Spring Meeting?

There is a limit of two (2) people per hub joining the in-person portion of the meeting.

There is no set limit for virtual participation, but it is expected that only members of the Informatics Enterprise Committee will join the meeting.

When does registration close?

Friday, March 4th.

Do I need a CLIC website account to register for the iEC Spring meeting?

Yes, a CLIC account is necessary to register.

Is there a cost to participate in the Spring iEC meeting?

No, there is no cost involved.

Can someone else register me on my behalf?

Yes, that is possible.


Will the virtual portion of the meeting be run via Zoom?

Yes. The Zoom link to the meeting will be sent to all registrants the week of the meeting.

Are there any device / connection specifics suggested to provide the best virtual meeting experience?

Yes, please be sure to update and test your device and connection for the following:

For the best platform performance, be sure to use: Chrome 30+.

Will recordings and meeting slide decks be made available following the meeting?

Yes, they will be posted to the CLIC website following the meeting.