Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER)

Effective research mentoring relationships are critical to developing the next generation of researchers. Learn how to improve these relationships at all career stages and promote cultural change that values excellence in research mentoring as a critical aspect of diversifying the research workforce.

Who We Are

Researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving research mentoring relationships among all career stages of post-secondary researchers.

What We Do

CIMER faculty and staff investigate approaches for improving research mentoring relationships for organizations and institutions. We develop, implement and evaluate mentor and mentee training using theoretically-grounded, evidence-based, and culturally-responsive training interventions and investigations.

Learning Objectives


CIMER Master Facilitators can provide trainings for individuals, institutions, and organizations across the country to optimize research mentoring relationships. Learn more about each of these trainings below, including how to attend or host a training. If you have questions, please contact us at

Mentor and mentee training can be hosted at your site.



CIMER provides evaluation of CIMER Training Services that are requested by individuals, institutions, and organizations seeking to optimize research mentoring relationships. Evaluation surveys include standard base questions so that aggregate data can be compared across implementations nationwide. Site hosts can also add customized questions to collect site or training specific information.

Study and site management
Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork
On demand
Delivery Method
Combination of online and in-person

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