COALESCE is a free online educational resource developed by Northwestern University researchers and can be accessed at The resource was designed to foster cross-disciplinary, collaborative research in the health sciences and is supported in part by a CTSA grant (3UL1RR025741). COALESCE features four online modules - an introduction to the science of team science (SciTS) and three modules focused on particular applied areas: basic biomedical, behavioral, and clinical medical sciences. The SciTS modules house short videos, animations, and activities covering a wide range of introductory topics, including assembling, managing, and evaluating a team. Users are able to freely move throughout the module, identifying topics of interest and viewing expert and research-based information on those topics at will.

Learning Objectives

Users self-guide through each of these modules, interacting with multimedia curricula as they make decisions and receive feedback on practical problems. The problems users must successfully navigate to complete each module relate to issues of assembling, launching, and managing the maturation of a cross-disciplinary research team.

Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork
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On demand
Delivery Method

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