Community-Engaged Research

Community engagement in research provides an opportunity for greater trust and respect to be built between academic researchers and communities and, ultimately, improved community health. Therefore, this course was designed for both researchers and community members in mind. The purpose of this online course is two-fold: to build the skills of researchers to develop trusting relationships and impactful research with the community and to prepare community partners to engage in health research.

Participants will learn key considerations when setting out to begin community-engaged research and will have the opportunity to engage in deep discussion with one another on topics in the field. Additionally, participants will hear perspectives from a myriad of seasoned researchers and community members on how to make health research more inclusive.

Session dates
March 1 – May 5, 2023

Learning Objectives

This course consists of three core modules that can be taken in succession or individually. These core modules will focus on: methods and principles of community-engaged research; cultivating effective collaboration between community members and researchers; and how to incorporate community-engaged concepts into research studies and practice settings.

Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork
Delivery Method

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