DC CTSA Consortium 2020 Spring Regulatory Update & Hot Topics in Clinical Research Archives

This annual meeting brings researchers, administrators, and clinical professionals from throughout the Clinical and Translational Sciences Awards (CTSA) region together for collaborative discussion and response to regulatory revisions and identified clinical research priorities within the current landscape of clinical trials.

The focus for this meeting was “COVID-19: the Virus, Preparedness in the time of Crisis, and Clinical Research."

Learning Objectives

• speak on emerging infectious disease, the spread & characteristics of COVID-19, and issues related to clinical trials and regulatory efforts
• summarize the impact of the virus on each hub campus and discuss what each institution is doing on the COVID-19 front: how information has been provided to their campuses; measures implemented to further protect their respective campuses; and what each institution is doing on the clinical front
• inform the community about the significance and complexity in the sharing of data from human subjects and clinical research, including data from genetic and genomic research and social/behavioral research
• provide a brief overview of the heightened U.S. Government scrutiny on conflict of interest due to concerns about safeguarding research against undue foreign influence
• address the emerging challenges and mitigation for accelerated clinical trials specifically issues around safety and protection for vulnerable populations

Clinical trial operations
Data management and informatics
Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork
Time Required
6 hours
On demand
Delivery Method

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