DIAMOND Digital Learning Portal & e-Portfolio

What is DIAMOND?

DIAMOND is a collaborative discovery learning space for clinical research professionals (CRPs) and other members of research study teams. Training and assessment items included in the DIAMOND collection are searchable by competency domain and provide information and links to offerings for study teams working in CTSA institutions and their partners. The DIAMOND collection also provides access to a unique ePortfolio program that allows users to showcase their career development progress and encourage workforce development and connection.

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What does ‘Competency-Based’ mean?

Competencies are defined as a specific set of knowledge and skills related to a topic, in this case clinical research. In 2015 the national ECRPTQ project defined a set of skills (or competencies) integral to conducting clinical research with the highest level of scientific integrity. Based on a model by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Research Education (JTF), these competencies were organized into eight domains. Learners who have completed competency-based training can show they have mastered the defined skills needed to complete a specific task.

Competency Domains:

  • Scientific Concepts & Research Design (knowledge of scientific concepts related to the design and analysis of research studies)
  • Ethical & Participant Safety Considerations (care of patients, aspects of human subject protection, and safety in the conduct of a research study)
  • Investigational Products Development & Regulation (knowledge of how drugs, devices, and biologics are developed, tested, and regulated in clinical trials)
  • Clinical Trials Operations (GCP) (GCP compliance, safety management identification and reporting, and handling of investigational products)
  • Study & Site Management (knowledge required at the site level to run a study including site and study operations, but not including GCP)
  • Data Management & Informatics (how data are acquired and managed during a research study including source data, data entry, and quality control)
  • Leadership & Professionalism (principles and practices of leadership and professionalism in research)
  • Communication & Teamwork (communication within the site and between the site and sponsor, CRO, and regulators. Also includes understanding of teamwork and dissemination skills )

What is the DIAMOND ePortfolio?

Clinical research professionals (CRPs) often lack guidance in professional development planning. The DIAMOND ePortfolio offers a space for CRPs to demonstrate and document their current knowledge, skills and abilities. It can also be a space to help identify areas for professional development or highlight specific skills and abilities.

    Learning Objectives

    Multiple courses and assessments available with various learning objectives.

    Scientific concepts and research design
    Ethical and participant safety considerations
    Medicines development and regulation
    Clinical trial operations
    Study and site management
    Data management and informatics
    Leadership and professionalism
    Communication and teamwork
    Time Required
    On demand
    Delivery Method

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