Dissemination and Implementation Toolkits

Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science is the study of translation of research findings into practice. Eight pdf files: DIRC Intro to D&I Toolkit, Aims Toolkit, Barriers & Facilitators Toolkit, Implementation Outcomes Toolkit, Designs Toolkit, Implementation Strategies Toolkit, Guidelines Toolkit, Checklist for Writing IR Proposals

  • DIRC Aims Toolkit
  • DIRC Barriers & Facilitators Toolkit
  • DIRC Implementation Outcomes Toolkit
  • DIRC Designs Toolkit
  • DIRC Implementation Organizational Measures Toolkit
  • DIRC Implementation Strategies Toolkit
  • DIRC Guidelines Toolkit
  • DIRC Checklist for writing IR proposals

in order to improve health outcomes in the broader community (Colditz, 2012). This toolkit is an introductory resource for D&I scientists meant to provide an overview of the field and the D&I terminology, prior to exploration of other D&I topics.

Learning Objectives

To help a beginner D&I researcher to situate the field of D&I science in the continuum of research.

Scientific concepts and research design
Medicines development and regulation
Delivery Method

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