Let’s Experiment: A Guide for Scientists Working at the Bench

Before you start your journey into the laboratory to conduct an experiment you are often faced with a multitude of questions. How can I design an experiment that will provide answers to my inquiries? Which model system should I select? What controls do I need to incorporate? What is the ideal sample size?. How can I determine the success of the experiment?

These questions may seem overwhelming. It is easy to feel lost without proper guidance.

Fret not! Our exceptional 6 week course tackles these questions head on. Experienced scientists from backgrounds offer practical steps and invaluable insights to help you establish a solid framework for designing experiments in the field of biological research. We utilize real life case studies to translate concepts into tangible solutions. In the realm of science there rarely exists a one size fits all solution. However this course will equip you with an approach to experimental design giving you a clear understanding of what awaits before taking the plunge. (For those in utilizing course content, for their trainees please click here for more information.)

We will guide you through the complexities of planning a organized experiment.
Upon completion of the course you will achieve the following;

1. A structured plan for your experiment(s) that is ready for discussion with a mentor.
2. A flowchart to assist you in prioritizing your experiments
3. Valuable tips and best practices to confidently kickstart your experiment.
4. An organized lab notebook template that will leave your colleagues in awe.
5. A robust framework for conducting replicable research.

This course is tailored to meet the needs of students and professionals involved in biology. It specifically caters to graduate students engaged in this field of research. Advanced undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists seeking guidance will also greatly benefit from it.

The course comprises five modules along with an experimental plan;

Module 1: Embarking on Experimental Design; This module guides you through the steps when starting with your experiment idea.

Module 2: Mastering Critical Elements of Experimental Design; Dive into key aspects such, as variables, controls, sample size and replication.

Module 3: Addressing Bias in Your Research; Learn how to identify and tackle any biases as an experimenter while promoting rigor and transparency in your work.

Module 4: Preparing for the Experiment;Learn tips and effective strategies for getting familiar with protocols validating reagents and keeping an organized lab notebook.

Module 5: ENSURING EXPERIMENTAL SUCCESS; Gain insights and practical advice for successfully piloting, troubleshooting and optimizing your experiments.

MY PLAN FOR THE EXPERIMENT; As you progress through the course you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to your research. Your responses, to these exercises will be compiled into a document called “My Experimental Plan.” This document is designed in a way that allows you to seamlessly incorporate sections into your lab notebook.

Come join us on this journey as we unlock the art of experimental design and equip you with the necessary skills to excel in the field of biological research.