NIH Rigor and Reproducibility Training Modules

These modules, developed by NIH, focus on integral aspects of rigor and reproducibility in the research endeavor, such as bias, blinding and exclusion criteria. The modules are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather are intended as a foundation to build on and a way to stimulate conversations, which may be facilitated by the accompanying discussion materials. Currently, the modules are being integrated into NIH training activities.

Introduction to the Modules [PDF, 110KB]

Module 1: Lack of Transparency
Lack of Transparency Discussion Material [PDF, 97.2KB]

Module 2: Blinding and Randomization
Blinding and Randomization Discussion Material [PDF, 104KB]

Module 3: Biological and Technical Replicates
Biological and Technical Replicates Discussion Material [PDF, 98.7KB]

Module 4: Sample Size, Outliers, and Exclusion Criteria
Sample Size, Outliers, and Exclusion Criteria Discussion Material [PDF, 107KB]


Looking for more? Check out the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) - Clearinghouse for Training Modules to Enhance Data Reproducibility

In January 2014, NIH launched a series of initiatives to enhance rigor and reproducibility in research. As a part of this initiative, NIGMS, along with nine other NIH institutes and centers, issued a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) RFA-GM-15-006 to develop, pilot and disseminate training modules to enhance data reproducibility. This FOA was reissued in 2018 (RFA-GM-18-002).

For the benefit of the scientific community, NIGMS will be posting the products of grants funded by these FOAs HERE as they become available. In addition, NIGMS is sharing other relevant training modules developed, including courses developed from administrative supplements to NIGMS predoctoral T32 grants.

Learning Objectives

See description above and associated discussion materials.

Scientific concepts and research design
Data management and informatics
Communication and teamwork
On demand
Delivery Method

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