Precision Medicine for Your Practice

How can genetics be used in clinic with my patients? Can genetic information really improve outcomes? Genetic testing is constantly changing. How can I keep up? Precision Medicine for Your Practice is an online educational program being developed by the Scripps Research Translational Institute, the American Medical Association and The Jackson Laboratory to help clinicians answer these questions. This free, on-demand, interactive program will consist of a series of 12 modules that are 15-30 minutes, case-based and aim to build clinical skills and impact patient care. Topics include prenatal testing, targeted therapy in oncology, genomic sequencing, cardiogenomics, neurogenomics, pharmacogenomics and ethics in precision medicine. Modules are being released individually, and each designated for continuing medical education (CME) and continuing nursing education (CE) credit.

Eight 15-30 minute case-based modules include: – Pharmacogenomic Testing – Pediatric Neurology – Exome Testing for Diagnosis – Genomic Testing for the Healthy Individual – Exploring Cancer Panel Testing – Interpreting Cancer Panel Results – Expanded Carrier Screening – Prenatal cfDNA Screening

Learning Objectives

– Practice applying genetic information to realistic cases – Assess the utility of genetic information – Learn about benefits and limitations of new genetic tests


Scientific concepts and research design

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On demand

Delivery Method