Racial Equity in Research Engagement: Resource Catalog

Distrust and evident racism, discrimination, and bias in research and healthcare contribute to underrepresented people and communities of color in research and deepening of racial inequities in health. The Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (www.ARCConline.net) at Northwestern University is working to further our understanding of racism in research and community engagement and support community-academic partnerships to address racial equity issues in research and the partnerships themselves. This starting set of resources is not a collection of general resources related to racism but is meant to be resources most specifically of interest to researchers and community-academic research partnerships. It may be relevant for partnerships engaging community members or organizations, patients, public agencies or other stakeholders.This is not an exhaustive list, but a working resource. Please share edits, additional resources and questions to ARCC@northwestern.edu

Learning Objectives

To further understand resources related to racism and anti-racism in health research.

Scientific concepts and research design
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