SC CTSI Educational Resource Center's Educational Offerings Intake Template

The SC CTSI developed, successfully implemented, and provides this template as a guide to be used for conducting internal intakes (informational interviews) about educational offerings at a CTSA with the goal of producing an inventory and assessment of all educational offerings. Findings can be used to inform recommendations that would enhance the impact of a CTSA’s educational offerings likely through standardizing quality, development, tracking, and evaluation of education offerings.

Learning Objectives

After using this resource, you will be able to:

  • Describe what a CTSA core does as relevant to the Education Resource Center*
  • Determine whether an educational offering achieves alignment (stated learning objectives are both taught and assessed)
  • Identify how educational offerings are evaluated, both product and process
  • Provide rationale for intervention or assistance from the Education Resource Center
  • Describe how educational offering content is produced and disseminated
  • Identify additional information important to the core as relevant to educational offerings
Study and site management
Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork
Date Created

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