VCU Wright Center Bench to Community Seminar Series for drug and device development

Medical practitioners frequently identify clinical needs, new product ideas, and enhanced methodologies for improving diagnosis, treatment and patient care. Physicians, surgeons, nurses, engineers and others can benefit from learning about steps involved in translating their ideas and discoveries into clinical practice.

In 2020 and 2021, the VCU Institute of Engineering and Medicine, the VCU Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research and the VCU Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation offered a six-part Bench to Community Seminar Series, providing information and knowledge to take ideas from the bench to the community. 

Experienced industry and academic leaders provided information on the development process, intellectual property, licensing and start-up options and regulatory pathways.

Now a recording of the series is posted and available to all.

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Learning Objectives

Session 1: Attendees will gain an understanding of the product development, essential steps in the patent process, funding and commercialization, and medical regulatory and reimbursement elements in order to move their ideas into clinical practice.
Session 2: Attendees will gain insight into the key steps from need definition to product realization and validation, including product function and performance definition for the product, ideation/creation of solution concepts, engineering prototype development, preclinical verification, regulatory human factors considerations, user feedback, and FDA design control requirements during the product development process.
Session 3: Attendees will understand the importance of securing intellectual property (IP) rights to support the translation of medical devices to the market.
Session 4: Attendees should be able to identity a business model, its importance of customer discovery and validation, what investors are looking for and what resources are available now
Session 5: Attendees will be able to identify which regulatory pathways are likely to apply to their products. In addition, attendees who are considering turning their products into companies will be given a better understanding of how to approach some common legal issues.
Session 6: Attendees will be able to describe information resources available through VCU Libraries that can inform innovation and be able to explain services and personnel available through the library to assist with all stages of the design process.

Medicines development and regulation
Communication and teamwork
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Time Required
9 hours
On demand
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