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The CLIC Education Clearinghouse is a centralized space where the CTSA community can find and share a variety of education and workforce development resources for a broad range of audiences, from the general public to Principal Investigators. Users can select and filter through a number of different areas: learning domains, tags (keywords), target learners, and more. Each entry presents a detailed profile of the resource so that users can efficiently choose a resource that’s right for them. These detailed profiles provide links (and access instructions, if needed) to the resources on the hub or external institution that is hosting the content.

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  • Medical College Of Wisconsin

    We would like to share our latest CTSI Discovery Radio Episode #108: Giving a Voice to Aphasia. Aphasia is a condition that negatively affects a person’s ability to speak. But innovative research is happening right here in our community to treat it. We’re giving a voice to Aphasia…inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio! CTSI Discovery Radio is our 30-minute monthly radio show and podcast that

  • Medical College Of Wisconsin

    You see or hear about it seemingly everywhere: “If you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is in you.” But it’s more than just an ad slogan. It’s real. And while it can cause pain that’s unbearable, it’s easily avoidable. We’re setting the record straight on shingles and the shingles vaccination…inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio! CTSI Discovery Radio is our 30-minute monthly radio show

  • Georgetown University
    Howard University
    MedStar Washington Hospital Center
    George Washington University

    Session recordings are now available from the DC CTSA Consortium's 2022 DC CTSA Spring Regulatory Update & Hot Topics in Clinical and Translational Research. DAY 1 - LASTING IMPACTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC (APRIL 28, 2022) - Keynote Address - Transcriptome profiling of human blood as a platform for diagnostic biomarker development: Measure broadly, listen carefully - Panel 1: Long-term COVID-19

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation

    On June 24, 2021 Tracy Hart, CEO of the OI Foundation, and Dr. Deborah Krakow, OIF Medical Advisory Council (MAC) member, discussed women's health and pregnancy research. This conversation is part of a series highlighting the work of the Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium (BBDC), a multi-center program that focuses on understanding and providing better treatment options for all types of

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation

    On Wishbone Day, May 6, 2021, Cameron Penn, President of the OIF Board of Directors, interviewed Dr. Brendan Lee, Principal Investigator for the Brittle Bone Disease Consortium (BBDC). Their discussion covered the history of the BBDC, current OI research, and answered audience questions. This conversation is part of a series highlighting the work of the Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium (BBDC), a

  • Harvard Medical School

    Fundamentals & Applications of Clinical and Translational Research (FaCToR) offers an overview of the concepts of clinical/translational research through the dynamic and interactive medium of online learning. As a selected participant of this online course, you will learn about the spectrum of clinical and translational research from first-in-human studies to healthcare interventions implemented

  • Case Western Reserve University

    The CWRU School of Medicine is proud to sponsor a new non-credit course entitled "FDA Regulation in Entrepreneurship and Clinical Research Management". The goal of this course is to provide foundational knowledge in and understanding of moving your technology through the FDA approval process. The course will include a series of instructors, including both local experts as well as nationally

  • Columbia University Health Sciences

    This course has been recorded and the full video series is now available online. Taught via Zoom at Columbia University, Fall 2020. Intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks) are an increasingly critical part of almost any business, at almost any stage of growth. This course provides the aspiring business executive, entrepreneur, or scientist an overview of commercial opportunities

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
    Medical practitioners frequently identify clinical needs, new product ideas, and enhanced methodologies for improving diagnosis, treatment and patient care. Physicians, surgeons, nurses, engineers and others can benefit from learning about steps involved in translating their ideas and discoveries into clinical practice. In 2020 and 2021, the VCU Institute of Engineering and Medicine, the VCU
  • This course will fulfill an unmet educational need and provide you with valuable knowledge to be successful in developing therapies and expediting scientific discovery to patients. Ultimately, this course will enable you to contribute to life saving developments that improve the quality of life. This course will change your approach to medicine and innovation. The information is critical for

  • This course will fulfill an unmet educational need and provide you with valuable knowledge to be successful in developing therapies and expediting scientific discovery to patients. Ultimately, this course will enable you to contribute to life saving developments that improve the quality of life. This course will change your approach to medicine and innovation. The information is critical for

  • University Of Southern California

    The D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science, in conjunction with the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute and the Greater Los Angeles Clinical and Translational Sciences Awards Consortium, hosts boot camps on current regulatory science topics regarding clinical trials. Boot camps are designed to address the needs of the clinical research team members, but

  • The Ohio State University

    This talk reviews methods and issues in precision medicine.

  • University Of Rochester

    The goal of the core training modules is to cultivate advanced understanding of research topics. Each of the ten learning modules covers a different topic area.

  • Duke University

    This training provides information regarding the sponsor and investigator requirements for an IND or IDE as well as resources to ensure compliance with FDA regulations. There are two separate training modules that each focus on the requirements for the specific regulatory application that the sponsor or sponsor-investigator holds. Sponsors who hold an IND (for drugs and biologics) can complete the

  • University Of Michigan

    This is a training module for investigators who will hold an IND or an IDE and are thus considered a sponsor-investigator under the FDA regulations. It provides information regarding the sponsor-investigator requirements of an IND or IDE and resources in order to be in compliance with FDA regulations. This module will allow you to indicate if you are using a drug or a device so that the

  • Mayo Clinic

    Fundamentals of Clinical and Translational Science (FunCaTS) is a combination of 13 online modules strategically packaged together to enable medical professionals and allied health staff to expand their knowledge of the components of clinical and translational research. These components provide the fundamental knowledge to promote understanding of the process of bringing discoveries to the bedside

  • Northwestern University At Chicago

    The EQuaTR conference offers professionals in clinical and translational research the opportunity to gain additional knowledge on current trends and issues in clinical research for application in their professional setting. The focus is broad with different themes highlighted year to year.

  • The Ohio State University

    Video lecture on conducting research with biorepositories

  • Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Robert Strouse discusses how failure in research is not negative, lessons learned from research failure helps us learn and move forward

  • Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Dr. Tim Cripe discusses issues related to drug discovery in cancer research

  • Tufts University Boston

    Tufts CTSI I LEARN is a modern, interactive online learning portal offering non-degree professional education and training opportunities in clinical and translational research. It includes live-streamed, blended synchronous and asynchronous courses, self-paced courses, and recorded seminars, workshops, and trainings to support the professional development of research stakeholders including

  • University Of Utah

    The What is? Seminar is a once-a-month 1-hour seminar on diverse translational topics across the continuum. The seminar series brings together program faculty, other experts across the University of Utah CCTS, and visiting scholars who will present an educational perspective of their research/expertise area. This course provides training on diverse translational topics across the continuum. For

  • Virginia Commonwealth University

    VCU Wright Center's 12-credit, post-baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Research educates students in the conduct of clinical research studies and trials. The certificate focuses upon foundational knowledge and skills necessary to understand: basic clinical research and trial study design, statistics and data management; ethical principles to respect and protect the rights and welfare of

  • Other

    The Workforce Components includes an updated and expanded set of health IT instructional materials, funded by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), to help healthcare workers and others stay current in the changing healthcare environment and deliver care more effectively. The new instructional materials are in five areas relevant to improved care delivery

  • University Of Rochester
    Georgetown University
    Competencies for regulatory science, which is a growing discipline in medical-related applications. Competencies for this complex field were identified and categorized into 11 Thematic Areas. These areas are based on a subset of the FDA’s priority areas and are accompanied by explanations of their development and broader recommendations to enrich education and training. View Full Publication
  • Other
    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Harvard Medical School

    The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials (MRCT) Center co-led an effort in 2013 to convene a group of diverse stakeholders to align and harmonize the many focused statements relating to core competencies for clinical research professionals into a single, high-level set of standards that could be adopted globally and serve as a framework for defining professional competency throughout the clinical

  • Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr

    Project ECHO at Penn State has launched a COVID-19 ECHO series to inform health care providers and administration of the latest best practices in emergency preparedness and patient treatment for COVID-19. The goal of this series is to equip health care providers and administration with strategies to address challenges presented as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Together, experts and

  • University Of Colorado Denver

    Video of Grand Rounds from the University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus on the topic of COVID-19. The speakers are Jonathan Samet, MD, MS, dean of the Colorado School of Public Health; Eric Poeschla, MD, head of the Division of Infectious Diseases; Steven Johnson, MD professor of medicine; and Thomas Campbell, MD, professor of medicine. Dr. Campbell is also on the CCTSI's Executive

  • University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    Duke University
    Wake Forest University Health Sciences
    Medical University Of South Carolina
    University Of Miami School Of Medicine
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    ReGARDD provides academic researchers with the regulatory tools and resources necessary to successfully navigate the pathway from discovery to clinical implementation of new drugs, biologics and medical devices. Investigational New Drug or Biologic Investigational Device Exemption Educational Videos ReGARDD Sponsored Events Who We Are The Regulatory Guidance for Academic Research of Drugs and