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Insights to Inspire Webinar: 4 Strategies for Improving Your IRB Turnaround Time

Median Accrual Ratio Pre-Implementation Office Hour

TRNDS | Technology & Rare Neurological Diseases Symposium

Uncover the Power of Observational Studies

Event: Biostatistics Seminar Series

Recruiting Underrepresented Populations in Clinical Trials

Course: Introduction to Network Medicine – Apply by Aug. 26

VIC- Digital health tool for an interactive informed consent process

Clinical Event and Standardized Endpoint Adjudications for Clinical Trials

NC TraCS Stakeholder Network Annual Meeting

Clinical Protocol Development Workshop

University of Alabama at Birmingham Aging Symposium

Leveraging IREx to Support Your Single IRB Study: Overview & Case Presentation

Using WebCAMP to Track CTSA Pilot Awards

2019 Fall Forum on Regulatory Science to Advance Precision Medicine

12th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Associated Conditions Awareness and Education Seminar

A New Model for Statistical Reports for RCT Data Monitoring Committees

Integrating Health Literacy into Clinical Research: Innovative Approaches to Making Clinical Research More Understandable

Mechanisms of Health Effects of Exercise in Children: How TIN has Helped to Build Effective Human Studies

A new way to manage recruitment at an Academic Health Center

AAHC 2019 Research Meeting - Call for Presentations

Funding: NIH NCATS Diversity & Re-Entry Research Supplements RFA – LOI due July 15

21st Annual Human Subject Protection Conference

Overview of Research Recruitment tools in Epic

From Research to Recovery: New Approaches to the Opioid Crisis

Machine Intelligence in Healthcare: Perspectives on Trustworthiness, Explainability, Usability and Transparency

11th Annual Science of Team Science Conference

ICBO 2019 - 10th annual symposium on Biomedical Ontology

North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute Responsible Conduct of Research

Networking Symposium on Emerging issues in Science: The Opioid Crisis / The Microbiome / Data Science

Community Engagement in Translational Research

NC TraCS to host Two Community and Stakeholder Engagement events on June 19th

Introduction to the course: “Faster Together, Enhancing the Recruitment of Minorities in Clinical Trials”

First International Conference in Systems and Network Medicine: Applications of Systems Science and Thinking to Biomedicine

course: Fundamentals of Clinical and Translational Research (FaCToR) – Apply by July 24

Course: Mixed Methods Research (MMR) – Apply by June 12

UIC CCTS Short Course in Clinical and Translational Research Methods 7/23/19-7/25/19

2019 Annual Children's National–NIAID Symposium

I-Corps Regional Short Course Returns to CCTS Hub this Summer

Annual CM Data Submission Review

4th Biennial Georgia CTSA Community Engagement Research Forum

2019 CER Symposium: "Real-World Evidence for Regulatory Decision-Making"

Spring Regulatory Update & Hot Topics in Clinical Research

The Generalizability and Replicability of Twitter Data for Population (and Health) Research

Investigational New Drug Application (IND) Forms: Updates and Best Practices

Individualizing Medicine Conference: Precision Cancer Care Through Immunotherapy and Genomics

Clinical Pharmacogenomics: A Case-Based Approach for your Practice

Using Differential Equation and Data Mining Algorithms

Challenges and Opportunities When Doing Health Research with and for Mixed Status Latina Families

Cornell Translational Research Summer Institute

Virginia Commonwealth University Community Engagement Institute

Advancing Health Equity in St. Louis and Beyond

Virginia Clinical Research Conference

Every Researcher can be an Advocate - Advancing Health Equity Through Policy and Advocacy

11th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine

Digital Scholar Webinar: MedEdPORTAL, a Peer-Reviewed Journal and Online Resource for Teaching and Learning Resources

Digital Scholar Webinar: A method to develop a comic based on your research: From scientists, for scientists, and beyond

Digital Scholar Webinar: Digital strategies to find the right journal for publishing your research

Transforming Healthcare in a Learning System

Trial Innovation Network - Refresher: Network Umbrella Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA)

Trial Innovation Network - FORMS-E: The New Application Package for Human Subjects and Clinical Trials

Trial Innovation Network - Investigative Site File (ISF) Reference Model: Easing the Burden of Regulatory Binders for Sites and Sponsors

Trial Innovation Network - Standard Agreement Survey Results – Local Policies and Procedures Related to the use of Master Templates

Trial Innovation Network Webinar - Novel Approaches to Informed Consent

Society for Clinical Trials 40th Annual Meeting

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) Research Community Forum Pioneers for Discovery: Reinventing the Research Enterprise

The Importance of Causal Models in Making Sense of (Big) Data

Health Equity Seminar: Addressing Disparities, Implicit Bias & the "Isms" in Clinical & Translational Research

The Inaugural USP Pharmacoinformatics Workshop

CM Multi-Year Report Webinar

Single IRB Boot Camp: A How-to Guide with SMART IRB

Un-Meeting: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Applications in Translational Science

Analysis of Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment Data: Using Multilevel Models of Intraindividual Covariation

Information Session: KL2/Catalyst Medical Research Investigator Training Award

Information Session: KL2/Catalyst Medical Research Investigator Training Award

KL2/Catalyst Medical Research Investigator Training (CMeRIT) Award – Apply by March 28

Plain Language for Health: Writing and Design for Health Research and Practice

Bibliometrics and Scientometrics for Research Evaluation

2019 Innovation Lab on Data Science Challenges in Rural Health and Environmental Exposures

Advancing Intervention Science and Promoting Health Equity Using Innovative Quantitative Methods

An Un-Meeting on Rural Health and Health Equity

Digital Scholar Webinar: Social Media and the 21st-Century Scholar: How Researchers Can Harness Social Media to Amplify Their Career

Digital Scholar Webinar: How Researchers Can Get Science Done Faster Using an R&D Services Marketplace

Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Conference

UNYTE: Translational Genomics & Proteomics: An Un-Meeting

Community Engagement Forum - Best Practices for Translating Evidence into Policy: Present and Future Considerations

Analysis of Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment Data: Part 1

International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research, 2019

STAT Webinar: The future of clinical trials

Improving Collaboration Through a Strong Online Presence

Training in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Techniques

Enhancing Collaboration: Fostering An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving CTSA Network Capacity

Pushing the Boundaries: Scientific Innovation and Biomedical Ethics

Enhancing Collaboration: Fostering An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Network Capacity

CTSI-CN Launches Health Equity Seminar Series

The Opioid Crisis and the Future of Addiction and Pain Therapeutics: Opportunities, Tools and Technologies

Introduction to Microbiome Analysis

2018 Advances in Precision Medicine Seminar Series

Communicating Research to the Public

Digital Scholar Webinar: Creating an Effective Study Recruitment Webpage

Digital Scholar Webinar: 21st Century Tools for Sharing Your Science – Video Abstracts and Podcasts, Two Practical Examples and Success Stories

International Mentoring Association Annual Conference

Ontology for Precision Medicine: From Genomes to Public Health​

Irving Institute Translational Therapeutics Symposium - "Accelerating Drug Development in the Era of Precision Medicine"

National Center for Data to Health: People, Expertise, and Attribution Workgroup Show and Tell

University of Florida Precision Medicine Conference

Design and Analysis of a Biomarker Study

Crowdsourcing applied to knowledge management in translational research: The Gene Wiki and Mark2Cure

Randomization and Sample Size Calculation

CD2H People, Expertise, and Attribution Community Workgroup Fall Quartely Meeting

Leveraging Real-World Treatment Experience from Expanded Access Protocols

Illustrating Rural Health Research Through Breast Cancer Survivorship

Deadline to apply for I-Corps@NCATS Regional Short Course

Translational Research Day 2018: Addiction Research in the Lab, Clinic, and Community

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Regulatory Science Boot Camp: Pharmacovigilance & Safety Reporting

Software, Tools, and Algorithms Community Workgroup Fall Quarterly Meeting

September 21 Building and Managing your First Research Team Workshop at Georgia Tech

Matching and stratification with propensity scores for cohort studies

Human Subject Protection: Roll With It

Growing Research Integrity Together (GRIT) Conference

2019 Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference

Inaugural Children's National – NIAID Symposium 2018

Managing Translational Informatics Projects (MTIP) Workshop

Building Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations in Aging Research

Engaging the Community in Research

Symposium: Advancing Uptake of Evidence-based Practices & Policies for Healthy Child Weight

Data Community Workgroup Fall Quarterly Meeting

Bias. Confounding, Moderation and Mediation

National Center for Data to Health: Software, Tools, and Algorithms Workgroup Show and Tell

NYU CTSI Sponsored Fourth Annual Health Disparities Symposium

Clinical Trial Challenges: Lessons Learned from the NIH Collaboratory Biostatistics & Design Core

Zoobiquity Colorado: Connecting Human and Animal Health through Regenerative Medicine

The Growing Promise of Gene Therapy Approaches to Rare Diseases Workshop

Symposium: Microbiome in Human Disease

Single IRB Review for Multi-Site Research Resource and Infrastructure Development Workshop

Regulatory Science to Advance Precision Medicine Forum

8th Annual Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN) Summit: Addressing Health Disparities through Collaborative Research

I-Corps@NCATS Regional Short Course

5th Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases

National Center for Data to Health: Data Workgroup Show and Tell

Developmental Programming and Disease: Environmental Risk Factors, Mechanisms and Strategies Workshop

FFMI fastPACE Informational Webinar

Columbia University Opioid Symposium: Building New Collaborations Towards New Solutions

Methodologic Limitations of Prescription Opioid Safety Research: A Call for Integrated Data Systems and Modern Epidemiology

Bringing A Balanced Diet To Chronic Pain: Correcting Deficiencies In Research And Clinical Care


2018 Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health

Introducing Figshare, a Free Repository where Researchers Can Make all of Their Research Outputs Available in a Citable, Shareable and Discoverable Manner

Evidence and the Individual Patient: Understanding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects for Patient-Centered Care

Johns Hopkins Graduate Summer Institute of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Medicine and Emerging Frontiers and Applications

The 8th Annual Milwaukee Regional Research Forum (MRRF) Viewpoint Luncheon

Nucleating Workshop on Opioid Overdose Prevention

Fighting Opioid Addiction: Integrating Treatment into Patient Care

Leveraging Community Engagement and Informatics-Based Tools to Increase Participant Recruitment and Retention

DC CTSA Consortium Presents: Spring Regulatory Update and Hot Topics in Clinical Research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Leveraging Medical Health Record Data for Identifying Research Study Participants

Clinical and Translational Academy Research Day

New IDEAS for Mapping Causal Variants, Driving Tissues and Target Genes

SOCRA - 12th Annual Device Research and Regulatory Conference

Causal Discovery from Observational and Experimental Data

"Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge" meeting

Pediatric Device Breakthrough Collaborative

Digital Scholar Webinar: Research Data Sharing and Re-Use: Practical Implications for Data Citation Practice that Benefit Researchers

Addiction Medicine 2018: Translational Science at the Cutting Edge

Bibliometrics and Scientometrics for Research Evaluation

Assay Guidance Workshop for High-Throughput Screening and Lead Discovery

POSTPONED - 2018 Precision Medicine Updates

Tools of the Trade: Communicating Scientific Research

An Un-Meeting to Address the Opioid Crisis through Translational Science

Digital Scholar Webinar: Disseminating scientific research via Twitter: Practical insights and research evidence

Use of Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research: Issues of Study Design and Analysis

University of Kentucky Center for Clinical and Translational Science 13th Annual Spring Conference - "OPIOIDS: Addressing the Public Health Crisis through Translational Science"

Informatics DTF Face-to-Face Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Workshop on human iPSC Derivation, Maintenance, Differentiation, and CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing in iPSCs

2018 Clinical & Translational Science Ontology Group Spring Workshop: Ontology of Informed Consent: An Approach to Specimen and Data Sharing

Reimagining the Frontier of Public Health Approaches to Eating Disorders Prevention: Transdisciplinary, Translational, Transformative

Informed Consent: Content, Communications and Emerging Technologies

Challenges & Opportunities in Pediatric Clinical Trials

University of Florida Precision Medicine Conference March 8-10

11th Annual – Future of Genomic Medicine - March 1-2, 2018

Science of Team Science (SciTS) 2018 Conference - May 21-24, 2018

Using Twitter Data for Social, Demographic, and Behavioral Science Research Symposium - December 12, 2017

HHS Opioid Symposium & Code-a-Thon - December 6-7, 2017

Bibliometrics and Scientometrics for Research Evaluation - December 11-13, 2017

CTSA Program Meeting - October 26, 2017

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