CD2H webinar: Meet the Personas!

CD2H personas

Understanding the translational workforce is an important component of developing meaningful hub services and resources for education and career development, supporting evaluation and continuous improvement, fostering good team science, and cultivating meaningful partnerships across translation. In September 2019 the National Center for Data to Health (Grant U24TR002306) launched CTS-Personas, one of the first attempts to comprehensively describe roles across the translational workforce. Through CTS-Personas we produced fourteen detailed profiles of scientists, support staff, and patients in translational science, outlining the work they perform, their concerns and goals, and their experience with software and web-based tools.

New to Personas? Check out this introductory video.

Through this webinar the CTS-Personas team will share how the project was conceived and designed. We’ll take a tour of the profiles, noting the responsibilities, motivators, and pain points of employees across translational science. We’ll also outline sample use cases to demonstrate ways in which you can apply Personas today to a wide variety of projects at your CTSA site. Do you have a role that you would like to see as a persona? We’ll provide resources and guidance for your team to add to the library of workforce roles.

Please join us on November 13, 2019 at 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST).

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