Metabesity 2019

Growing scientific evidence suggests that most of the major diseases of our time (including diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and the aging process itself) have common metabolic roots, and thus may be susceptible to common solutions.

But the challenges of targeting this constellation of interconnected conditions, which we call “metabesity,” are not just technical: regulatory agencies today don’t have a clear pathway for a drug that is aimed at delaying aging; companies and financiers are uninterested in paying for clinical trials that may take more time and money than those for disease treatment; payers are reluctant to pay for products and services today for which decades may be required to reap the benefits.

TARGETING METABESITY 2019 focuses on some of the most important issues in healthcare today: shifting the emphasis from treatment to prevention, and going beyond managing individual diseases to extending healthy lifespan.

Gathering will be stellar speakers and participants from science and medicine, government regulation and policy, healthcare organizations, industry (drugs, devices, nutritional, and digital products), capital markets, patient advocacy, and other fields. Metabesity 2019 is a silo-busting examination of the challenges affecting the health and quality of life of billions of people. Creative solutions will be devised that could improve well-being and save trillions of healthcare dollars. We cordially invite all who have an interest in this conversation to join us at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC, 15-16 October 2019.

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Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, D.C.