Recruiting Underrepresented Populations in Clinical Trials

“Recruiting Underrepresented Populations in Clinical Trials” will be presented at the next Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute Bench to Bedside and Beyond Seminar Series from noon to 1 p.m. on Aug. 20. 

In addition to being held in H4504 at the College of Medicine, the session will be streamed to 116 Henderson at University Park campus and will stream online. Online registration is requested; the online stream link will be provided upon registration. 

Kelsey Zapotocky, the institute’s recruitment and retention project manager, will help study personnel have a better understanding of the barriers study teams may face, as well as effective methods for enrolling underrepresented populations in clinical trials.

The Bench to Bedside and Beyond Seminar Series is held to encourage an engaged translational science workforce while promoting a culture of continuous improvement in research conduct and practice at Penn State.

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Both In-person and online
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