Single IRB Review for Multi-Site Research Resource and Infrastructure Development Workshop


Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (All day)

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The “Final NIH Policy on the Use of a Single Institutional Review Board for Multi-Site Research” establishes the expectation that the domestic sites of all NIH-funded multi-site studies involving non-exempt human subjects research will use a single Institutional Review Board (IRB) (NOT-OD-16-094).  As described in a January 2018 blog, NIH has heard a great deal of positive feedback in support of the policy and believes that streamlining IRB review for multi-site studies will reduce unnecessary delays and costs caused by duplicative review.

However, NIH also heard concerns from institutions about the resources that would be required to amend business practices, make system changes, and develop other tools necessary to facilitate single IRB review.   In an effort to mitigate some of these concerns, NIH funded seven administrative supplements that provided one year of support to develop widely applicable approaches for modifying and enhancing institutional IRB infrastructure and related resources to allow for efficient and effective single IRB review of multi-site studies (NOT-TR-17-018).

On September 12, 2018, a public workshop will be held where the awardees will gather to share successful strategies and lessons learned for modifying and enhancing institutional IRB infrastructure for single IRB review of multi-site studies.  Best practices and lessons learned developed from the workshop will be posted on the NIH website to help guide other institutions in achieving success in implementing single IRB review.

There is no fee associated with this event.  Please register for webcast or in-person attendance; space for in-person attendance is limited.

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