Team Science Institute 2020

Jeni Cross Team Science 2019

Join us for a 4.5-day workshop at Colorado State University in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. More and more science requires diverse teams yet working on a team can be a challenge. Have you ever heard scientists say, “I hate group projects,” or “It isn’t natural for me to work on a team?” The great news is that team skills can be taught and fostered among scientists at all stages of their careers.
There are basic principles from the Science of Team Science (SciTS) such as even turn-taking, followership, social sensitivity that can dramatically improve team experiences. This experiential workshop will introduce the principles of team science from the latest research and practice, demonstrate strategies for building team capacity in new and existing teams, and hone your skills for teaming and coaching diverse teams.
It is ideal for anyone participating in team science including whole teams, individuals, administrators and students. This week-long workshop will include sessions on interventions that matter, team readiness levels, and team science for resistant teams.
You can come as an individual or as a team, both will benefit from the workshop. We recommend attending with another member of your team (a science team or a group that coaches teams) because team learning can enhance your ability to apply knowledge from the workshop in your professional life.

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Fort Collins, CO