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CTSA Recruitment Services Inventory

The CTSA Recruitment and Retention Working Group is conducting an inventory of recruitment and retention services and resources of CTSA Consortium recruitment programs. The purpose is to discover what recruitment/retention synergies, strengths, and challenges are faced by CTSA institutions. If your institution has several persons providing services supporting recruitment/retention such as informatics and marketing, you may need to consult with them on a few of the questions. ONLY SUBMIT ONE SURVEY PER INSTITUTION. 

These questions are meant to be a reflection of what your CTSA hub capabilities and support services are to help us better connect, share, and learn from each other to improve recruitment and retention. 

Data from these surveys may also be published outside of the CTSA consortium to report on Recruitment and Retention functions across CTSAs. 

This survey takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. 
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