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Opportunities to Strengthen CTSA Evaluation Paper

A group of CTSA evaluators came together in late 2017 to form the CTSA Evaluation Guidelines Workgroup.  The purpose of this group was to examine the progress made to evaluate the CTSA program since publication of CTSA-specific evaluation guidelines in 2013 as the cornerstone of good evaluation practice and 2013 IOM report’s recommendation that the CTSA program formalize evaluation processes. The group conducted a review of all CTSA funding opportunity announcements and gathered feedback from all CTSA evaluators via a survey in Spring 2018. Findings from this review helped the evaluators identify four new opportunities for strengthening CTSA evaluation efforts. These opportunities and other findings from this review are published in a recent special communication released in the Journal for Clinical and Translational Science. The link to the article is: []

Please use this forum to share your take aways, ideas, concerns, etc. related to this paper. 

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