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Opportunity: Synergy Paper RFA Alert

Apply for CLIC support and funding to write a Synergy Paper 
Deadline: May 15, 2019

This could be an excellent follow-up to our Breakout Session discussions at the recent CTSA Program Informatics Community F2F Meeting in San Francisco!

Cross-network translational research Synergy Papers are designed to focus on substantial challenges in clinical and translational science, address gaps in
research, and convene new, innovative writing teams. 

Collaborative teams are invited to apply for CLIC assistance for a paper that focuses on either:

  • A new approach to a significant translational science process or method roadblock and how to address this challenge to advance translational science; OR
  • A content/knowledge review of a pressing translational science topic across several stages of the translational continuum, identifying gaps and approaches
    to move the field forward (that would also include a section on relevant process gaps as well).


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