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CLIC Forum: Methods & Processes Domain Task Force

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JULIE SCHWAN, MS CLIC Staff - 202 points

PLEASE vote or comment on the areas of interests for future groups OR make another suggestion.

  1. Develop agreed upon Team Science Competencies. 


  2. Has there been an evaluation process for Common Metrics?  A substantive assessment of costs or benefits, or a dissection of the value of “measures” and the “RBA efforts”?


  3. Have we established best practices in the integration of programs and components for the delivery of services? Most specifically Integrating Special Populations, Patient and Clinical Interaction, Network Capacity, Community Engagement all have a focus in recruitment.  


  4. Could we develop a common pilot award platform that would facilitate cross CTSA pilot awards? 

7 Answers
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Philip Cola - 25 points


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Boris Volkov - 75 points


36UINrvGm1@linkedin.com's picture
Raj Shah - 50 points


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Elias Samuels - 75 points


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- 25 points


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H. Timothy Hsiao - 25 points


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John Buse - 125 points



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