UN Meeting Request for Applications is Now Open!

Attention all pioneers in the field of research! The Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program is excited to announce the opening of the UN Meeting Request for Applications – a funding opportunity.

What’s this all about? The UN Meeting Request for Applications is an initiative designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among CTSA Program hubs. It’s an invitation to submit proposals for projects that have the potential to advance translational science.

The power of working This program emphasizes the transformative power of collaboration. It encourages teams from CTSA hubs to combine their strengths and collaborate on research initiatives that can revolutionize translational science.

Exciting benefits await; Successful projects not receive funding but also gain recognition and exposure within both the CTSA community and the broader scientific community. It presents an opportunity to make a significant impact, on the field of translational science.

Save the date; Make sure to mark your calendar with the application deadline and submit your proposal promptly.
Here’s your opportunity to become involved, in an initiative that pushes boundaries and fosters advancements in translational science. Don’t let it slip away!