Researcher Training and Education and Community Capacity Building

Parent DTFs: Collaboration & Engagement and Workforce Development


  • Conduct a pragmatic literature review of curricula and training resources for researchers in engaging communities & stakeholders in translational research and for building community capacity to participate in translational research.
  • Develop an annotated (and searchable?) inventory of existing curricula and training resources.
  • Conduct a gap analysis of important areas requiring further development.
  • Where evidence-based curricula are available, identify best practices.



Final Report Available

Date: February 21, 2019
To:  Collaboration/Engagement & Workforce Development Domain Task Forces
Re:  Final Report, Joint Workgroup on Researcher Training & Education and Community Capacity Building
From:  Jane Garbutt, Al Richmond, Hal Strelnick & Hugh Tilson, Co-Leads

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