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Information on Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities can be found in the Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities document.

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The NCATS CTSA Program Steering committee provides leadership for sharing of policies, practices and resources, and discussion of opportunities, impediments, joint agreement on broad issues impeding clinical research and other appropriate topics. The Committee will identify and recommend best practices and policies to advance clinical and translational research as a discipline and facilitate collaboration and sharing among CTSA Program and non-CTSA Program institutions, and with partners in clinical and translational research (e.g., industry, laboratories, hospitals). For more information on Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities, please view the Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities document. (Please note that this is a living document and is subject to change.)

Steering Committee Pods

Information on the pods have moved to a new central location. Navigate through the menu above to “Pods” or use this direct link.