Text Analytics and De-Identification




  • Review of WG's work program for 2019 / 2020
  • DTF to EC Transition - WG Update
  • De-Identification Software Survey
  • NLP Software Survey
  • Moving Software to the NCATS Cloud
  • BMI Investigator Presenation




  1. NCATS Cloud alignment: NLP update (Peter Elkin, Hongfang Liu, Justin Guinney). 10 minutes
  2. NCATS Cloud alignment: De-id methods (Brad Taylor, Hongfang Liu, Justin Guinney) 10 minutes
  3. NCATS Cloud alignment: Sharable text resources (Russ Waitman – i2b2 dream challenge options; Andrew Williams – MIMIC III update). 10 minutes
  4. Clarity NLP (Jon Duke) 15-20 presentation, 5-10 discussion
  5. We need to give iDTF and update regarding the workgroup in August as the iDTF is cancelled for July.  5 minutes
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