Workforce Development Domain Task Force

Goal: The translational science work has the skills and knowledge necessary to advance translational discoveries. 

This Domain Task Force focuses on: 

  •  Building an environment that supports and values translational science as “the place to go” for those who want to pursue high-impact careers in health sciences. 

  •  Training and educating a world-leading, continuously learning workforce. 

  •  Developing a translational science workforce that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow.  

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Full Workforce Development Domain Task Force Meetings [meets 2nd Wed., Bi-Monthly, 4–5 pm EST]
    • [6/12/19, 8/14/19, 10/9/19, 12/11/19]
  • TL1 Survey [meets on the 1st Thurs. of the Month, 9:00 – 10:00 am EST, AND 3rd Tues. of the Month 11:30–12:30 EST]
    • [1st Thurs - 8/1/19, 9/5/19, 10/3/19, 11/7/19, 12/5/19]
    • [3rd Tues -  6/18/19, 7/16/19, 8/20/19, 9/17/19, 10/15/19, 11/19/19, 12/17/19]
  • Federated Education Platform, Harmonizing Competencies [not currently meeting, using Google Drive to collaborate.]
  • Clinical Research Training for Investigators [not currently meeting, using Google Drive to collaborate]

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Rebecca Jackson Ohio State University - Co-Chair

Susan Smyth University of Kentucky - Co-Chair

Susan Pusek University of North Carolina

Jason Umans Georgetown University

Cynthia D. Morris Oregon Health Sciences Univ.

Joan Nagel NCATS

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