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Enterprise Data Warehouse Service and Architecture Models This working group explores the current service and architecture models for providing researchers access to clinical data for use in research, with a focus on enterprise data warehouses.
Evaluators Group The Evaluators encourage cutting edge research on evaluation methods and processes relevant to the evaluation and management of translational science
Federated Education Platform: Harmonizing Competencies
Health Disparities Identify opportunities to maximize linkages between CTSA Program hubs and other local, state and national stakeholders to support health disparities research and improve health outcomes in rural and urban settings.
Imaging Informatics Establish best practices and principles for translational imaging and image data sharing. Serve as a forum for sharing experiences, software, and methods as its members embark on imaging informatics activities. The intended outcome is to expand the use
Informatics Enterprise Committee Focuses on modern informatics methodologies and techniques to support clinical and translational science, community engagement and enhance training
Institutional Readiness for Team Science
Integration Across the Lifespan Enterprise Committee Helps ensure translational science is integrated across its multiple phases and disciplines within complex populations and across the individual lifespan
KL2 PI/Directors Group KL2 awards support mentored research career development for clinical investigators who have recently completed professional training and who are commencing basic, translational and/or clinical research
Measures of Impact
Methods & Processes Enterprise Committee Focuses on the scientific study of the process of conducting translational science itself, which enables significant advances in translation
Regulatory Science to Advance Precision Medicine
Researcher Training and Education and Community Capacity Building The purpose of the Joint Work Group (JWG) is to address training and education for academic researchers and community members that will increase the capacity of academic researchers to meaningfully engage stakeholders in translational research.
Single Disease
Sustainability Phase 2 WG The vision for phase 2 of the Sustainability Workgroup (WG) is to serve as a guide for biomedical informatics cores (BMICs) in becoming successful, self-sustaining resources in supporting translational research.