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Nation’s Most Comprehensive Whole-Genome Screening Program Will Advance Inclusive Precision Medicine Across UCSF Health UC San Francisco scientists have launched a precision medicine initiative to offer free voluntary whole genome sequencing to all UCSF Health patients – making it the most comprehensive program of its kind in the nation. The goal of the initiative, called the UCSF 3D Health Study
One of the first synergy papers supported by the CLIC and CTSA consortium was published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. Abstract: A primary barrier to translation of clinical research discoveries into care delivery and population health is the lack of sustainable infrastructure bringing researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and communities together to reduce silos in
The Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s Clinical Research Services (CRS) program at UCSF is excited to announce the FDA approval of the drug therapy Fintepla (fenfluramine) for Dravet syndrome, a severe form of pediatric epilepsy with frequent or prolonged seizures. CRS provided critical support for the drug research and trial over the past few years through its Pediatric Clinical

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University Of California San Francisco
Clinical mentoring is a vital component of a comprehensive clinical training program, helping to bridge the gap between new skills, knowledge, and attitudes obtained in the classroom, and effective application of these in the health care setting. This clinical mentoring toolkit is a comprehensive guide for developing, implementing, and evaluating clinical mentoring programs. This updated edition
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Vanderbilt University Medical Center
CTSpedia was created as a national effort to collect wisdom, tools, educational materials, and other items useful for clinical and translational researchers and to provide timely and useful advice to clinical and translational researchers with specific problems. About the CTSpedia Project CTSpedia started as a pilot project initiated in 2007 at UCSF. The project was initiated to form an
University Of California San Francisco
The CTSI MTP has created an integrated environment for senior mentors and mentors-in-training, encouraging creative and innovative networking, discussing a range of mentoring challenges and a myriad of solutions, developing a toolbox of strategies, and using discussions and collective experiences to build a community of mentoring excellence. Seminar topics include: Mentorship from the Beginning


Job Summary The Associate Director provides key leadership to the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) and manages the activities of IRB Coordinators. The HRPP Associate Director must collaborate with key research support units such as the Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Cancer Center, and other Advisory Committees at UCSF. The Associate Director manages the single IRB as well

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BIOS and Catalyst Programs: Accelerating UCSF Research to Improve Health
University Of California San Francisco
Both Biospecimen Precision Medicine Research (BIOS) Program and Catalyst Program, the current UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s (CTSI) optional cores, provide much needed services and infrastructure to conduct clinical translational research. The BIOS Program has developed a repository of high-quality human biospecimens for world-class research and precision medicine efforts. The


Prolonged Tracheal Intubation and the Association Between Patent Ductus Arteriosus and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: A Secondary Analysis of the PDA-TOLERATE trial

In the PDA-TOLERATE trial, persistent (even for several weeks) moderate to large patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) was not associated with an increased risk of BPD when the infant required

Identification of antiviral antihistamines for COVID-19 repurposing

There is an urgent need to identify therapies that prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and improve the outcome of COVID-19 patients. Although repurposed drugs with favorable safety profiles could have significant benefit, widely available prevention or treatment options for COVID-19 have yet to be

Stress testing reveals gaps in clinic readiness of image-based diagnostic artificial intelligence models

Artificial intelligence models match or exceed dermatologists in melanoma image classification. Less is known about their robustness against real-world variations, and clinicians may incorrectly assume that a model with an acceptable area under the receiver operating characteristic curve or related

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Associate Director, HRPP January 13, 2021 Opportunity
Free Genome Sequencing Now Available to all UCSF Patients August 25, 2020 Consortium News
Bridging the gap between research, policy, and practice: Lessons learned from academic–public partnerships in the CTSA network July 21, 2020 Consortium News
FDA Approves Fenfluramine Drug Therapy for Dravet Syndrome July 16, 2020 Consortium News
CTSI Awards Rapid Response Pilot Grants for COVID-19 Research July 13, 2020 Consortium News
Improved Sample Size Calculator Website & New Calculators for Your Research June 25, 2020 Consortium News
UCSF COVID Patient and Community Advisory Board in Motion & Receives PCORI Funding June 12, 2020 Consortium News
UCSF is the First Health System Available in CommonHealth App June 09, 2020 Consortium News
UCSF CTSI Ramps Up Support of COVID-19 Research May 06, 2020 Consortium News
UCSF has Launched a World-wide Citizen Science Study to Help Fight COVID-19 March 30, 2020 Consortium News
Myo Wearable Sensor Captures Subtle Movement Problems in MS March 13, 2020 Consortium News
Water Stations Fight Obesity by Curbing San Francisco’s Thirst for Sugary Sodas February 28, 2020 Consortium News
Clinical Mentoring Toolkit February 26, 2020 Educational Content
CTSpedia: A Knowledge Base for Clinical and Translational Research February 24, 2020 Educational Content
UC BRAID Collaborations Work to Impact Health throughout California February 14, 2020 Consortium News
Fixing nature’s genetic mistakes in the womb December 12, 2019 Consortium News
Implantable bioartificial kidney achieves preclinical milestone November 15, 2019 Consortium News
BIOS and Catalyst Programs: Accelerating UCSF Research to Improve Health September 11, 2019 Poster
Mentor Training Program (MTP) February 19, 2019 Educational Content