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Our Mission is to accelerate the development, dissemination, and implementation of innovative biomedical research discoveries that drive improvements in health and health care delivery. As a driving force for improved health and health care delivery in Greater Cincinnati, the CCTST inspires and empowers thought-leaders to discover and implement innovative clinical and translational research while cultivating a vibrant, interdisciplinary, and diverse translational workforce.

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Acute Care Research Competencies for Clinical Research Professionals

The Acute Care Research Council (ACRC) at the Cincinnati CTSA hub was created in 2015 to develop a community of researchers engaged in pre-hospital, emergency and critical care settings with a common focus on accelerating clinical and translational research by reducing systems barriers and

ATRN Virtual Conference 2020

Virtual Summit: Community-engaged Research in Translational Science: Innovations to Improve Health in Appalachia

Save the Date for this Virtual Conference! September 22-23, 2020 - Tuesday, September 22: 9:45 AM - 12:20 PM - Wednesday, September 23: 9:45 AM - 12:45 PM The Wake Forest School of Medicine Clinical and Translational Science Institute (WFSM CTSI) will host the 10th Annual Summit on September 22-23

21st Annual Human Subject Protection Conference

This year’s conference will address issues of critical importance to human subject protections. A new format and content have been added specifically for clinical research investigators (see half-day, morning content). Morning Content (NEW THIS YEAR! PI-focused, half-day): Comparative Effectiveness

CCTST poster submission for Fall 2019 CTSA Program Meeting.

Lifespan Data Integration and Acute Care Research: Vision, Accomplishments, & Future Opportunities

The CCTST optional modules highlight our unique translational research capacity. Lifespan Data Integration established a platform for investigating transgenerational and longitudinal exposures that impact health and disease, which now includes data from 200,000 births. The Acute Care Research (ACR)