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Our Mission to the CTSA Program

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) seeks to catalyze translational research, locally and nationally, as part of a national network to improve individual and population health. Since our initial funding by the NIH in 2009, the CCTS has been a catalyst for mobilizing institutional support and resources to enhance clinical translational research and expand multidisciplinary training programs to increase workforce diversity and promote team science. The overarching goal—and driving focus—of the CCTS is to improve population health, particularly among minorities and underserved populations. Our high-quality multidisciplinary clinical and translational research, spanning T1-T4 and paired with strengths in community engagement and implementation science and appreciation for the social determinants of health, help to accelerate discoveries into practice and policy.

Optional Core

In 2013, the CCTS and UIC’s Research Resources Center established UICentre for teh Discovery of Small Molecule Therapeutic Agents, a collaborative initiative to leverage existing campus-wide infrastructure and provide the personnel, resources, and skill sets for drug discovery and development needed to assist biomedical researchers in translating their basic research findings towards therapeutic agents to treat human diseases. The mission of UICentre is transformative: to use cultural, technical, and educational resources at UIC to overcome the obstacles to translational small molecule drug discovery. UICentre engages multi-disciplinary teams in a collaborative environment to discover targeted novel therapeutic agents. UICentre creates and supports multidisciplinary collaborations that transform basic science projects into drug discovery initiatives without establishing duplicative service cores or infrastructure. Our mission is to change and enhance the treatment and management of human diseases by applying translational drug discovery skills to leverage basic scientific knowledge, resulting in novel small molecule therapeutics.

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