Common Metrics Initiative: Insights to Inspire Story Submission & Accessing CMI Recorded Webinars


Visit the Insights to Inspire page to read the current I2I blogs. Submit your hub story by clicking on the 'Share your Insights' button.

The Common Metrics Webinars page will give you a listing of the recorded webinars and office hours. To access, you will need to be logged into the CLIC website. You can search by topic or year. Once on you have clicked on a topic, you will have access the presentation slide deck, the meeting recording, and if applicable, meeting agenda.


The Insights to Inspire (I2I) disseminates lessons learned and strategies implemented to improve on a given Common Metric. The insights gained may inspire hubs to use this actionable intelligence to facilitate local change.

The Common Metrics team schedules a number of webinars and office hours throughout the year. This webinar page provides access to the content to all in the consortium.

Value to Hubs

The ideas learned through the Insights to Inspire program provides an opportunity for a stronger quality improvement written plan to move the needle on the metrics. It is also intended to foster cross-collaboration among hubs.

The availability of the recordings provides consortium members the flexibility to listen to the content at a different time that is most convenient and/or listen to it again.

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