CTSA Program Hub Directory - Updating Your Hub Page


The CTSA Program Hub Directory is a map and listing of hubs by funded year. Information from the CTSA Program Hub Directory is derived from NIH RePORTER. Each hub page is self-managed by the hub, where permissions have been granted to the hub Administrator. The purpose of this page is to allow others to easily find contacts at other hubs by browsing the Representatives section.

Value to Hubs

CTSA Program institutions will use their hub page to list representatives as well as select their voting members for the Enterprise Committees.


Visit the CTSA Program Hub Directory. You can use the map or the table to select a hub. Select a Fiscal Year to adjust the map. Select a hub. From the hub page, you can view the Contact PI Organization (this is the organization listed in NIH RePORTER) as well as other organizations that are part of the hub. View the Mission Statement, location and hub representatives.

Additional Information

For information on how to update a hub page, please check out the "Updating Your Hub Page" training.

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