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An Un-Meeting is:

  • An event without the rules and structure of a traditional conference, where the interests and ideas of attendees drive the topics of small group discussions all around a common theme. 

  • An interactive way to cultivate ideas and make productive connections across academic centers and between academia, industry, government, and the community with the goal of developing multidisciplinary, collaborative partnerships. 

  • A catalyst for inspiring future collaborative research, grant applications, manuscripts and publications through the sharing of experiences, ideas and best practices. 

How is the Un-Meeting structured?

  • The “un-agenda” kicks off with brief “4 x 4 presentations” (4 slides in 4 minutes), then attendees are given time dedicated to idea generation that will shape the topics of the breakout sessions, and finally that is followed by the breakout sessions. 

  • “Un-rules” guide the day, including the “law of two feet” which encourages participants to find the topics and conversations which most inspire them.

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