Insights to Inspire

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The Insights to Inspire (I2I) is a series of blogs and/or webinars highlighting the innovative and unique strategies implemented by a CTSA Program institution to improve on a given Common Metric. The insights gained may inspire hubs to use this actionable intelligence to move the needle on the metrics.
The goals of the I2I are to:

  • Foster innovation and new ideas
  • Encourage collaboration across institutions
  • Inspire action

Featured Hub Blogs

  • Insights to Inspire: Follow-up and Evaluation: Engagement for Positive Impact

    The Careers in Clinical and Translational Research Metric is designed to measure and develop strategic management plans to enhance the ways CTSA program hubs train and support scientists to remain engaged in research. To measure and report the success of the metric, hubs conduct follow-up surveys to

  • Insights to Inspire: Mentorship: A Bridge to the Future

    Effective mentorship is one of the most important contributors to a successful career in translational research. TL1 trainees and KL2 scholars benefit from the relationships and support that come from a well-planned mentoring program. During the 2020 Insights to Inspire series CTSA Program hubs that

  • Insights to Inspire: Training Applications: Starting with a Strong Foundation

    The purpose of the Careers in Clinical and Translational Research metric is to measure and develop strategic plans to enhance the ways hubs and the entire CTSA Program consortium are training and supporting the future workforce. This support is vital to helping trainees remain engaged in clinical

Hub Submitted Blogs

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