Median Accrual Ratio Metric


The purpose of this metric is to estimate the current accrual ratio for clinical trials in order to enhance our ability to develop performance interventions that increase actual participant accrual into clinical trials within the planned time period.




Many questions and concerns have been shared regarding the implementation of the Median Accrual Ratio (MAR) at certain local CTSA Program institutions. The types of questions received have allowed us to further understand the various challenges to the collecting and reporting of the metric. Thank you to all for sharing these concerns. Consequently, it has been determined to move forward with this metric as an expanded pilot to learn more about the different systems and resources required for a successful future implementation.

If you have already begun to develop processes for collecting and reporting on the MAR metric, you are ahead and we want to encourage you to continue. We are hoping that you will share your knowledge at future webinars. We would like to encourage all hubs to participate in the expanded pilot, even if you are unsure about the completeness of your data.

Please review the available resources listed below that describe the expanded pilot and then complete the participation survey which is due March 31, 2020:

MAR Expanded Pilot Webinar

 At-A-Glance MAR Expanded Pilot  under Related Files

Please note: Below is the Operational Guideline (OG), there were no changes made to the OG for the MAR Expanded Pilot.

Operational Guideline