CTSA Program Directory

Last Updated: 5/21/2020


About the CTSA Program Hub Directory

CLIC staff assembled and derived the information displayed in this map from NIH RePORTER via the Funded activities under the NCATS Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program document. Hubs which were in no cost extension during a fiscal year do not receive funding from NCATS in a particular fiscal year and are not counted as funded hubs in that fiscal year. As such they are not reflected in the document and are not be displayed on the map during a fiscal year in which they were in no cost extension. To view a list of CTSA Program awards from NIH RePORTER, please click on underlined dollar amounts in the document’s table. A CTSA Program hub is defined as a UL1 award with a linked KL2 award and an optional TL1 award. Learn about CTSA Program Hubs

The content found in each hub page listed is the responsibility of each institution and is not updated by CLIC. For any questions, please email contact@clic-ctsa.org.

Current Year Fiscal Data:

Please note, funding data for the Current Fiscal Year is derived from NIH RePORTER as NCATS makes awards through the fiscal year. The information on this page will be updated quarterly. The displayed map will reflect this rolling addition of data. The entire year's funding data will be complete once the all fiscal year awards are finalized.