Navigating Precision Public Health Data Bases

These Precision Snippets are a seven-part step-by-step video tutorial series on how to access health data in NHANES, FL Health Charts, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (NEPHT), and Florida Water Management Inventory (FLWMI). These videos were commissioned by UF CTSI, based on the UF CTSI “Accessing Environmental Health Databases” Training Course. Lead author of the snippets is Rebecca J. Austin-Datta.

Learning Objectives

In a research setting Precision public health can be used to create programs and deliver interventions that are tailored to underserved community groups for whom focused attention has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes. The term, Precision Public Health, was first coined in 2015 by Dr.Khoury, the Director of the Office of Public Health Genomics in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Precision Medicine and Precision public health are really two peas in a pod with one focused on "providing the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, while precision public health is the right intervention to the right population at the right time".

Research in Precision Health – especially in Precision Public Health - is not yet mainstream however there have been calls for the Clinical Research Professionals in Public health to improve their skills in accessing and using data in order to drive the shift towards more efficient, more effective Precision Public Health. The objective of this series of vignettes is to introduce these concepts.

Snippet 1 - Introduction

Snippet 2 - NHANES

Snippet 3 - ATSDR

Snippet 4 - FLHC

Snippet 5 - NEPHT

Snippet 6 - FLWMI

Snippet 7 - Summary

Data management and informatics
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Time Required
7 on line self paced modules at approxiamlty 7 minutes each
Delivery Method
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