OHDSI Part 1 - OMOP Common Data Model, ATLAS, & Cohorts

This talk was presented as part of The Odyssey of OHDSI: Using Health Care Data for Research. You will learn how data are represented by vocabularies in the OMOP CDM and how to use the ATLAS toolset to define cohorts. Presented by Christian Reich, MD, PhD, Real World Analytics Solutions, IQVIA

Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial series, you will be able to:

Relate key OMOP CDM and vocabulary principles to PHDSI’s standardization process
Define cohorts, conduct cohort studies, or develop patient-level prediction models using OHDSI tools
Identify and access educational and other resources needed to become more fully proficient at using these tools in your research work.
Navigate OMOP CDM and vocabularies to define populations and outcomes.
Discuss the structure of the OMOP CDM and how the OHDSI community uses it to support observational research.

Data management and informatics
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Time Required
4.5 hour
On demand
Delivery Method

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